Danzig-Austausch: Marienburg and Farewell Party

We first met at the school at 8.00am and drove by bus to Marlbork (Marienburg), the journey took us around 1 hour.

After a while we could see the giant, ancient, impressive Castle behind a river.

The castle is the biggest castle made out of bricks in the whole world, after the Second World War it was renewed due to the huge damages from the war.

It’s since been a museum — after hundreds years of being home to the Teutonic Order (Deutscher Ritterorden).


We learned a lot about how the owners of the castle and all the other inhabitants in the castle lived, their casual life and also about knights and about their battles and about their equipment in those battles and normal life and to whom the castle belonged to in the last centuries. 

In the evening we met again at school. There we had a delicious buffet and a disco. We sang karaoke and danced until the floor was moving and the lights in the staff room unter the assembly hall started to shake.