Danzig-Austausch: Experiment in Gdynia and Departure

Emilia: Today is our last day in Danzig. We went by train to Gdynia where we visited the Experiment Center. We had a lot of fun being able to experience…

After that the time has come to say goodbye to Poland. We are looking foward to seeing each other again in May 2020!

Time flies… we hope that all flowers, pictures and swords reach their owners sooner or later and that with each thing you unpack you‘ll remember how much fun you had together, how much you enjoyed every bit of the programme and how much you ate 😉

It was a pleasure taking you to Gdansk.


Danzig-Austausch: Marienburg and Farewell Party

We first met at the school at 8.00am and drove by bus to Marlbork (Marienburg), the journey took us around 1 hour.

After a while we could see the giant, ancient, impressive Castle behind a river.

The castle is the biggest castle made out of bricks in the whole world, after the Second World War it was renewed due to the huge damages from the war.

It’s since been a museum — after hundreds years of being home to the Teutonic Order (Deutscher Ritterorden).


We learned a lot about how the owners of the castle and all the other inhabitants in the castle lived, their casual life and also about knights and about their battles and about their equipment in those battles and normal life and to whom the castle belonged to in the last centuries. 

In the evening we met again at school. There we had a delicious buffet and a disco. We sang karaoke and danced until the floor was moving and the lights in the staff room unter the assembly hall started to shake.

Danzig-Austausch: Sand Dunes of Leba

Today we went to the dunes in Leba. We met at the school at 9.00 am and then drove to Leba by bus. The ride was about two hours long. When we arrived we were brought to the dunes with a transport that reminded us of a golf car and then we had to walk through a pine forest for a while. When we had walked for a few minutes, we suddenly saw big white mountains of sand, the view was amazing!! We climbed the dunes and had lots of fun and also an amazing view of the sea and the forest. After the dunes we walked to the baltic sea and then we went back to the bus. It was an amazing day!

Merle & Ida

Danzig-Austausch: Family Day

We started our day with walking to a park in the neighbourhood Osowa.Our exchange partners went to the church while we were exploring the park.

After that we ate some ice cream. That’s the point where the group split and everybody went home for half an hour. In the afternoon we drove to a city park and then the whole group met at a city called Gdinya. We visited some cliffs were the view was breathtaking. We enjoyed the sunset there and then spent the evening eating something and driving home by train and bus. 

Nejra & Melissa


Today my exchange partner, her sister and I went hiking through the forest. After a long walk we went with her whole family to an Italian restaurant where we ate Pizza. Then we ate a very good ice cream and we went to Gdynia where we met the rest of the exchange group. We were going to the cliffs and took some nice pictures.

Here are some of them:

Danzig-Austausch: City Walk & Europejskie Centrum Solidarnosci

First we went to the Folterkammer, where the guide told us about older German people, who went to Gdansk for the city walk to see their old home. Then we went to the Shakespeare theatre and to a statue of the biggest synagogue of Gdansk. We also were in the Marienkirche. After that we had one hour to explore the old city with eating something, climbing the big church tower or visiting the beautiful post building if we wanted to. 

After that hour we were in a museum, called ECS. It‘s an amazing museum, that tells us something about the Solidarnosc in Poland. Very unique in this museum is that you get headphones with a audio player which has a tracker and it can track where you are and play the right audio, which fits with the place you‘re at.

After we visited the museum, most of the students went to a party, where we ate pizza and sweets.

Richard & Clara

Danzig-Austausch: Westerplate & Stutthof

We met at V. LO at 7:50 am and took the bus to our first stop, Westerplate.  

After a half hour drive, we arrived there and Stasiu told us a lot about the monument there. We took a look at some graves first and then went on to walk up the hill to the actual monument which commemorates the outbreak of the Second World War. There we all took a group photo and then looked at a guard house  and a bunker from 1911. 

Then we drove to the concentration camp Stutthof. Once we arrived it started to rain a bit while we were walking into the camp. It soon cleared up and we went to the guard house to watch a movie about the camp. 

Then a lady did a workshop in English about the living conditions in the camp where we walked around the area and saw most of the „old camp“.  We discovered which people were taken to this concentration camp and what the living conditions were like by following the story of a former inmate, Wanda.

This trip was really amazing and even though it was such a serious topic we were glad to get to know this historical place.

Jette & Martyna

Danzig-Austauch: Getting around Oliwa

We started the day at the school of our exchange partners. We played little games to get to know to each other and to learn.

After we finished our introductory games we visited the Minster of Oliwa to listen to one of the oldest organs in the world. There are mechanical parts processed in the organ so the decoration can move. There were angels carved out of wood that were actually able to move their arm while holding a trumpet. It was very interesting to see and it sounded interesting, too.

When the concert was over we left the dome and got assignments and questions on a sheet of paper for our rallye through Oliwa.

When we eventually finished all the assignments and answered all the questions we went to the beach as a whole group. We then walked all the way to Sopot. We ate something and the went to the beach again. We were just relaxing, talking and having fun together.

When we left the beach we decided to go to a shopping center in Danzig. We took the tram to go there. When we arrived in the mall we split up into smaller groups and walked around the gallery.

Eventually we met again to say goodbye so everybody could get home and go to bed.

After a long day everyone was exhausted and tired so we were happy when we arrived home and were able to relax.

Erik H.