Danzig-Austausch: Family Day

We started our day with walking to a park in the neighbourhood Osowa.Our exchange partners went to the church while we were exploring the park.

After that we ate some ice cream. That’s the point where the group split and everybody went home for half an hour. In the afternoon we drove to a city park and then the whole group met at a city called Gdinya. We visited some cliffs were the view was breathtaking. We enjoyed the sunset there and then spent the evening eating something and driving home by train and bus. 

Nejra & Melissa


Today my exchange partner, her sister and I went hiking through the forest. After a long walk we went with her whole family to an Italian restaurant where we ate Pizza. Then we ate a very good ice cream and we went to Gdynia where we met the rest of the exchange group. We were going to the cliffs and took some nice pictures.

Here are some of them: