Danzig-Austausch: City Walk & Europejskie Centrum Solidarnosci

First we went to the Folterkammer, where the guide told us about older German people, who went to Gdansk for the city walk to see their old home. Then we went to the Shakespeare theatre and to a statue of the biggest synagogue of Gdansk. We also were in the Marienkirche. After that we had one hour to explore the old city with eating something, climbing the big church tower or visiting the beautiful post building if we wanted to. 

After that hour we were in a museum, called ECS. It‘s an amazing museum, that tells us something about the Solidarnosc in Poland. Very unique in this museum is that you get headphones with a audio player which has a tracker and it can track where you are and play the right audio, which fits with the place you‘re at.

After we visited the museum, most of the students went to a party, where we ate pizza and sweets.

Richard & Clara