Danzig-Austausch: Westerplate & Stutthof

We met at V. LO at 7:50 am and took the bus to our first stop, Westerplate.  

After a half hour drive, we arrived there and Stasiu told us a lot about the monument there. We took a look at some graves first and then went on to walk up the hill to the actual monument which commemorates the outbreak of the Second World War. There we all took a group photo and then looked at a guard house  and a bunker from 1911. 

Then we drove to the concentration camp Stutthof. Once we arrived it started to rain a bit while we were walking into the camp. It soon cleared up and we went to the guard house to watch a movie about the camp. 

Then a lady did a workshop in English about the living conditions in the camp where we walked around the area and saw most of the „old camp“.  We discovered which people were taken to this concentration camp and what the living conditions were like by following the story of a former inmate, Wanda.

This trip was really amazing and even though it was such a serious topic we were glad to get to know this historical place.

Jette & Martyna