Danzig-Austauch: Getting around Oliwa

We started the day at the school of our exchange partners. We played little games to get to know to each other and to learn.

After we finished our introductory games we visited the Minster of Oliwa to listen to one of the oldest organs in the world. There are mechanical parts processed in the organ so the decoration can move. There were angels carved out of wood that were actually able to move their arm while holding a trumpet. It was very interesting to see and it sounded interesting, too.

When the concert was over we left the dome and got assignments and questions on a sheet of paper for our rallye through Oliwa.

When we eventually finished all the assignments and answered all the questions we went to the beach as a whole group. We then walked all the way to Sopot. We ate something and the went to the beach again. We were just relaxing, talking and having fun together.

When we left the beach we decided to go to a shopping center in Danzig. We took the tram to go there. When we arrived in the mall we split up into smaller groups and walked around the gallery.

Eventually we met again to say goodbye so everybody could get home and go to bed.

After a long day everyone was exhausted and tired so we were happy when we arrived home and were able to relax.

Erik H.